1.  Research, research, research!

A good place to start is to find out what the art is made from. Read the product description. If it’s a print it’s important to know paper is it printed on. This can affect the longevity of the print. It can also affect where you might like to keep the art. If the spot is in a sun drenched area, it could fade over time. If you fancy having the piece in the bathroom, consider having it framed to protect it from moisture. Which leads to the next point, find out what framing if offered. Many stores, (like us!) will offer additional options if you don’t like the ones on offer.

2. What’s the story?

Find out the story behind the piece you have your eye on. Who made it? Where was it made?

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3. See if they have a returns policy

Risk free purchase right? If you don’t like the art work or it doesn’t match your space, make sure you can return it. We think it’s only fair for an online business.

4. Get out your measuring tape

Measure the space you have in mind for your artwork to make sure it fits. Sounds like a no brainer but it’s a good idea to see how much the wall the piece will take up. Maybe you’d need it to be smaller, or bigger for maximum impact.

5. Feels!

There’s no harm in getting something on trend, but why not consider something that you truly love. We’re all about the emotive feeling art brings you, and there’s nothing more important than coming home to an authentic artwork you will never tire of.