Winter is coming, and we can’t wait! But as we’re driven indoors, the art that you choose for your home is suddenly pushed into the spotlight – now more than ever before. Whether it’s cosy dinner parties or nights basking by the fire, a well-curated wall will make all the difference as you and your guests shelter from the storm.

So how do you choose the perfect piece for your wintery artscape? Here are three photographers who have managed to distil the chilly season in all it’s majestic beauty:

1. Ice, ice baby

Thankfully, winter isn’t all storms and cyclones! It’s a time in which we can say goodbye to the balmy summer and bring your home into a period of rest and reflection.

Melbourne photographer Aaron Stanley’s Antarctica images capture the tranquility and stillness of the icy continent with airy landscapes that inspire awe and refresh the soul. What better way to elevate a white wall than by blending into those chilly, cool blues? Snuggle up on the sofa and marvel at vistas frozen in their purest form.



2. Get a little moody

The best thing about these cooler months is that you can really lean in to your dark side. You heard us: ditch those vibrant, colourful palettes and give yourself over to monochrome!

Winter is the perfect season to let your bright side rest – so take a moment to relax into the shadows of Andrew Tauber’s Golden Gate Bridge. Stripped of its signature orange vermillion hue and swathed in mist, Tauber’s shots show us a landmark upon which we can brood. No place is immune to a cloudy sky, even sunny San Francisco.



3. Embrace the spectacle

This time of year in the city can be dreary, but one way to cut through the drudgery is to liven up your space. Why not bring some of nature’s wonderful wildness right into your living room?

Mariko Nissen’s Great Ocean Road series serves up a dramatic view, with the rich textures of the forest tumbling down into a luminous blue ocean in flux. These images are alive – hang them in a space that needs movement, such as the dining room where you take your morning coffee. You’ll find those crisp, crashing waves as energising as a brisk morning walk.